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11/20/2020 Weekly Roundup: Top Articles This Week

Nov 20, 2020 9:13:03 AM / by The Babyscripts Team

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Mental health issues are on the rise in the midst of the pandemic, and now exacerbated by the onset of colder months and the holidays. Pregnant women, especially low-income and minority mothers, are at higher risk for mental complications, as new studies show. Industry players weigh the value of telehealth to manage mental health, and predict what telehealth will look like in the new year. 

11/20, USA Today: New research finds dramatic growth in suicidal thoughts and self-harm during and after pregnancy

11/19, mHealth Intelligence: American Medical Association Announces New Policy On Telehealth

11/19, MedCity News: Telehealth not enough to offset crushing demand for mental health services

11/19, MobiHealth News: After COVID-19, telehealth's momentum will be sustained by younger consumers seeking convenience

11/18, Benefits Pro: The Future Face of Telehealth

11/17, Harvard Business Review: Balancing Virtual and In-person Care

11/17, NIH: NIH to fund research of racial disparities in pregnancy-related complications and deaths

11/16, ABC News: Postpartum depression cases spike due to pandemic isolation

11/16, Forbes: Where Telehealth is Headed in 2021

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