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Reducing Structural Inequities Through Tech at MedStar Washington Hospital Center

Mar 24, 2021 1:45:09 PM / by Dr. Loral Patchen, PhD, CNM, IBCLC posted in Health Equity


The events of the previous year shed a much needed light on disparities in our healthcare system. Recently, we sat down with Loral Patchen, PhD, CNM, and IBCLC at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, to discuss her experiences using technology to serve diverse populations and impact healthcare justice. 

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Health Equity in Obstetrics: Digital Health for Diverse Populations

Mar 2, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Dr. Loral Patchen, PhD, CNM, IBCLC posted in Health Equity


For some lucky people, the pandemic has been a period of minor inconveniences with silver linings: a time to learn how to work effectively from home, to spend more intimate time with family and friends, to replace a long commute with meditative mornings and evening cooking adventures.

For others, the pandemic has presented a drastically different experience. For vulnerable individuals and families, the nationwide lockdowns and a battered economy have only exacerbated the struggles they face on a daily basis — food and housing insecurities, anxiety and depression, substance abuse problems, intimate partner violence, loss of income, and other challenges. 

Technology facilitated the transition to a new normal for the first group — but is it a sufficient or even accessible solution for the second?

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